b'The narrative is told in three voices: Toms, mine, andTo me, the value of the Spiral Houseas with all oursThat came about organically, the result of telling oursacred spaceis its ability to bring joy to people, to touch story to our collaborator and dear friend, Ronnie Shushan their spirits, and add something uplifting to their livesFor several years, once or twice a week, the three of usEven the most beautiful building, as soon as it is completed, would sit at our dining table, or walk around the property,begins to deteriorate and require maintenanceBut each talking about the house, the sculpture, our lives; about theperson who enters and experiences even a glimpse of some-stone and about art; about consciousness and transcen- thing essential and transcendent as a result of being here denceWe would review what we had written so far and talkleaves with a seed that has the potential to grow and spread some moreThose conversations evolved into the narrativeinto the lives of othersIn that way, the house can have an of this book, preserving our individual and joint perspec- ongoing effecttives in a way that is often lost in collaborative writingAnyWhen a friend saw the almost finished book, he said, couple who has built a house together will likely recognizeThis is about how to build a dreamThis truly is the story the reality of there being three people in the process of our dreamWe wrote it with the hope of inspiring yours xIntroduction xiPatty LivingstonSaugerties, New YorkAs I write this in late summer, looking back on more thanAugust 2018fifteen years of living in the house, Im reminded of having once been asked my job descriptionI replied, atmospheric managerIt has always been my impulse to provide a space where others can feel secure enough to express their cre-ativity and to find in this space both peace and a sense of communityAnd so it has seemed to be in this spiral homeTom and I, and the crew who work with us, have been through lifes share of births, deaths, major illnesses, and moreIn good times and challenging ones, we have held together and moved forward with love and supportA house is so much more than a place to sleep and store your stuff'