b'Balconies, Railings . . . . and an Ode to the MountainWith a balcony or terrace on every level, the house provides a relationship to the outside in almost every direction. The balcony railings create a col-orful and fanciful contrast to the stone. Spirals undulate at irregular intervals and in different directions, always uniting in a double spiral at the center of the balcony. A single, continuous railing winds its way up one staircase, across the top of the terrace balcony, and down the other staircase. The railing becomes another architectural detail that unites disparate elements. The spirals at each end of the bottom railing turn in opposite directions to one another; given the opportunity for a double helix, why would we do it any other way?178Spirit in Stone 179A horizontal wave through each balcony traces the silhou- a part of our experience living here; incorporating the hori-ette of the mountains on our western horizon. As in somezons silhouette provided another way to harmonize with of Toms sculpture, the effect comes and goes depending onthe environment, to bring that sense of place into awareness, where youre standing; the discovery of the embedded sil- over and over, the way the mountains themselves appear and houette adds to the enjoyment. The mountains are so muchdisappear depending on the light and the weather.'