b'Welcome to the Spiral HouseSacred space . . . is transparent to transcendence. When you enter through the door, everything . . .is symbolic, the whole world is mythologized. To live in a sacred space is to live . . . where everything around you speaks ofthe exaltation ofthe spirit. . . . This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.Joseph Campbell226Life & Revelation[Patty] From the beginning, I loved that the Spiral HouseStanding at the door, if you happen to look up, you will provided an opportunity to walk into one of Toms sculp- see your own reflection in a highly polished stainless steel tures, to experience the inside of the sculpture and also lookpanel designed to mirror the stonework above the door. The out from it. But this is our home, too. We wanted it to feelreflection is a greeting of Namaste, the house bowing to the cozy inside, for our own comfort and for the ease of friendsdivine light of all who enter. Like all sacred spaces, the house and family who visit. The entrance was designed to makereveals your Self to yourself, your unity with all of creation. that transition between the monumental scale of the exte- Tall, uncurtained windows create a welcoming connec-rior and the intimacy of relaxed, joyful living.tion to the interior even before you come through the front The curve of the garden walls draws you toward thedoor. This transparency is the kind of symbol that Joseph front door, where the spiraling tower and cascading rooflineCampbell is addressing in the quote above; we will revisit come to rest in the symmetry of the semicircular entry.this theme several times in this chapter.'