b'The Living Room, the Hearth, and the Chimney[Patty] The living room works remarkably well as a con- you will be, like the spiral itself, connected to the center and tained area that remains connected to all the other roomsthe periphery at the same time. This is true of almost every on the first floor and to the varied life outside as well.space in the house. The Fireplace Stones and Sitting in one of the comfortable chairs by the fireplace, The dramatic beauty of the hearth and chimney isthe Interior Wallyou are intimately connected to the hearth. Swivel yourespecially satisfying to us given the structural challenge(left) The fireplace is formed by three massive unhewn stoneschair toward the window seats on the exterior wall and youpresented by the location, where the last quarter turn of thetwo uprights and a lintel. When can enjoy the spaciousness of the mountains on the westernspiral wraps around part of the central column to create awe built the fireplace, Tom knew exactly where on the property horizon, the colorful magic of the Rainbow Shoots sculp- double wall deep enough to hold the firebox. This was thewe could find the large stones he wanted. But it was the middle ture, and the gardens planted throughout the terrace. Withone place in the house where a flue could be hidden in theof winter and the stones were many intimate seating arrangements, the space is equallywalls, and it was one of the many astonishing gifts of theburied under a foot of snow. The crew dug them out, put comfortable for one person or a dozen. Wherever you sit,spiral geometry that it put the hearth right in the center ofthem on a sledone stone at a timeand pulled them to the building site. To balance the mass of the stone wall, we divided the mantle into two sections, one on either side of the chimney, and cut several niches in the wall for displaying objects. (below) We designed a tall niche to hold firewood. But it called us to sit instead. And so we do. In its protective embrace, the mind quickly settles.247'