b'Implied Forms and Stunning Revelations in the Observation RoomFor the summit of our sacred house, I incorporated a vesicainherent in their design. There are three octagons in playwith a height equal to its width; so the height of 110 inches piscis into the architecture of the observation room. Herehere: the octagonal floor of the room; the clear glass octa- also has a golden relationship to the skylight. If the height, the vesica is not visible to the eye, as it is in the Syzygy sculp- gon in the center of the floor; and the octagonal skylight.which is the distance between the octagons, were some ture; instead, it is implied by other forms, as is often theThe ratios oscillate, one larger than the golden ratio,other number, even though all the other dimensions were case in sacred geometry. The diagram and photograph onone smaller, and both are within one one-thousandth of anthe same, the reflections would not work as nicely. the facing page reveal that vesica implied in the observationinch of a number that is itself elusive. Thats about as precisePeople ask if I planned all those golden relationships. room floor. as you could get between three absolute sizes in space.I have to admit that I didnt. Perhaps I am just the luckiest Looking through the glass floor, you see a kaleidoscopeEven more remarkable is the way the three octagonsfool in the world that it worked out so perfectly. of images nestled one within the other. The astonishingnest so well in three-dimensional space. The reason for this harmony of these forms results from the golden proportionsis that the observation room is a perfectly balanced space, The Golden OctagonsThe photo at right was taken from the third-floor stairwell looking up through the observation 90Sacred Geometry 91room floor into the skylight. The largest octagon is the translucent glass floor of the observation room; the middle octagon is the clear glass of the center of the floor; and the smallest octagon is the skylight at the apex of the house above the observation room. The chart below shows how these three nested octagons are related by the golden proportion. We want to emphasize that its the relationships that are important, not the actual measurements. Weve measured in inches, but if we measured in meters or cubits or made up an entirely new system, the relationship between the octagons would still be golden. Also, remember that octagons, like all polygons, are measured two ways: side-to-opposite-side and point-to-opposite-point (i.e., the diagonal), which anticipates other forms that can be gener-ated from the existing form. The Vesica Implied in the Observation RoomPoint-to-pointSide-to-side(above) The lower dotted circle is inscribed around the Skylight68 inches63.5 observation room floor; the upper dotted circle defines Octagonal Floor the shape that would result if you continued the semi-Total floor110 inches102 circle of the exterior balcony into the room. These two Clear glass central octagon45.5 inches42 implied circles are identical and they overlap to create the almond-shaped vesica.relationship between skylight and In the photo at right, you can see the reflection of the clear octagon in center of glass floor:68 / 42 = 1.619skylight through the glass floor. As for the crystal seen relationship between the entire within that reflection, we will have much more to say octagonal floor and the skylight: 110 / 68 = 1.617about that in chapter 7.'