b'government oversight the general public assumes is in place, particularly in an era of government budget cuts. Even free-range chickens and pasture-raised cowswhich are surely a minority of the estimated 16 billion animals consumed in the US each year are typically slaughtered by cruel and horrific means that involve prolonged pain. It is impossible to separate this process from the food we eat.Being vegan is simpler than everOnce you familiarize yourself with some new products and substitution methods, it will seem as if you have been preparing plant-based meals forever. Actually, lots of the dishes weve been eating all our lives have been vegan without our giving it a thought: many soups, salads, grain dishes like kasha and bowties, vegetable entres of all kinds, sauces such as marinara, guacamole, sorbets, and even some of our favorite dark chocolate cakes and fruit pies. To make it even easier, meat and dairy substitutes are now readily available in supermarkets and health food stores as a direct result of the increasing demand for plant-based foods. (Weve listed some of our favorite products and resources at the end of this book, but new items are reaching the market every day so consider our suggestions just a starting point.) Chef Diane has devised so many easy and inventive twists that they will change the way you think about what you buy and how you prepare it to make dishes you will love. For Goodness Sake was created to appeal to anyone who wants to enjoy delicious plant-based food. Our hope is that the book, along with our companion blog and website (see page 276 about 4goodness-sake.com), will enable all of us to become healthier and better informed, and to walk more gently upon the earth. For Why Plant-Based sources, see page 27614 For Goodness Sake Why Vegan? 15'