b'WP -B ?hy lant asedAt the Spiral House, eating well means sharing with othersdishes for its nutty flavoris an excellent source. Fortified organic, plant-based meals that are nourishing, delicious,breakfast cereals, soymilk, and meat analogues contain and, whenever possible, locally grown. Many of us also regardreliable amounts as well. Most multivitamins also include B 12 .a plant-based diet as one of the most effective personal choices we can make on behalf of the planet and the life thatIts better for the planetit supports. The impact of livestock production on our environment and So when does a plant-based diet become vegan? Strictlyhealth is staggering. Highly inefficient, animal agriculture speaking, a vegan is a person who does not eat or use anyrequires disproportionate amounts of land, water, fertilizer, fuel, animal products, but there are nuances about which vegansand other resources. It also pollutes our land and waterways.can differ markedly. Most wear no leather or animal products;Huge livestock farms, which can house hundreds of some will. Similarly, there are different views about the use ofthousands of pigs, chickens, or cows, produce vast amounts silk (which is produced by silkworms) and honey (a productof manure, often generating as much waste as a small from bees who may not have been treated humanely). We allcity. As a direct result, livestock production is responsible have our comfort levels. forproducing more climate change gases than every vehicle on the planet combined. And it is squandering one of the Its better for our health planets most precious resources: water. Eight percent of global Eating animal fats and proteins has been shown to raise anhuman water use is now devoted to raising animals for food.individuals risk of developing certain cancers, heart disease,About 13 pounds of feed are required to produce one diabetes, and obesity. Animal fats can clog arteries withpound of beef. Many environmentalists believe this plant cholesterol and impede blood flow to the organs. Scientistsfood could be used so much more efficiently to feed humans now know that many of us are able to avoid and manageworldwide, substantially reducing hunger through more these illnesses through the lifestyle choices we make. careful planning. Eating meat has become one of the most A plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains,harmful things we can do to the earth. and legumes is totally free of cholesterol and low in fats (especially saturated fats), while supplying the nutrients oneA vegan diet is kinderneeds for good health: protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.Large factory farms have forced out most of the small (Nuts also add protein but are high in calories and so shouldfarms that once dotted the American landscape, to the be eaten in moderation.) point where the scale of todays agribusiness bears no B 12is the one vitamin that can pose a nutritional issue, butresemblance to farming as we once thought of it. The dairy this is easily remedied. Nutritional yeastoften added toand meat industries frequently operate without the kind of 12 For Goodness Sake Why Plant-Based 13'